Let Mikey Help!

Do you have a Book, Cookbook, Calendar, or other project that you would like to publish and sell, but you can't afford the upfront investment, inventory, shipping, and distribution costs? Meet Mikey our logistics guru.

Let Mikey help you get your publication off the ground
with our On-Demand Print Logistics!

Mikey can:
  • Get the word out!
  • Promote your publication!
  • Partner with you!
  • Create a money-making machine!
  • Package and Ship!...No packaging or handling fees to you!
  • Finalize sales!
  • Deposit money in your bank account!
  • Help with fundraising.
  • Non-Profit Discounts.
  • Help with your Web presence.
  • Help with Email campaigns.
  • eBook publication & sales.

No contract required* Just allow Mikey to
print and ship your print order for you.


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